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Web hosting is a special type of service based on internet hosting services which enable people as well as organizations to make their website easily available on the World Wide Web. There are companies which provide you with servers. These servers can either be owned by the respective client or can be given on a lease basis. These companies will also provide you with an internet connection which will be in a data center. Some of the best features of web hosting services are as follows:

  • It offers you unlimited bandwidth along with an unlimited disc space.
  • It has free templates as well as free site building tools.
  • It has an amazing technical support which will offer you 24/7/365 services.

There are people who want to know the advantages of taking web hosting services. So here are some of the benefits of web hosting services that would give a clear idea as to why they are in demand in the present times:

  • With just one click you will be able to install 75 open source scripts instantly.
  • There is a feature called Wiki Hosting where you can use Media Wiki to start a Wiki website.
  • As far as your store is concerned you will be able to get a free E- commerce platform with the help of Magento hosting.
  • Joomla hosting and Drupal hosting will provide you with efficient CMS solutions.
  • You can also host your Word Press blog with Word Press hosting.
  • The servers have unlimited email accounts, sub domains and FTP accounts.
  • The whole system is certified with Safe Harbor.
  • The control panels of the servers are flexible and easy to use.
  • The uptime of the servers is excellent and it keeps your website online almost throughout the day and also at night.
  • The unlimited bandwidth provides the user with an unlimited disc space which helps in the storage of valuable information.

Now there are various types of web hosting services that are available in the recent times. Some of them are as follows:

  • Reseller hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers or VPS hosting
  • Dedicated servers
  • E commerce hosting
  • Hybrid server hosting
  • Cloud hosting

You may think that all these services are similar but if you observe carefully you will find that they are very different from each other because of the function which they provide to their users. These services have slashed the steep prices on servers and now it is possible for everyone to start a website.

Finding one that doesn't give cheap service for the cheap price, is not so easy. I've done some research to help you in choosing the right one for you.

Here's a few bare minimum requirements you should look for when choosing your hosting service.

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Plenty of disk space to store your content
  • Plenty of Band Width to support page views
  • Free domain name
  • Extra domains hosted on the same space
  • Free Site Building Tools
  • C Panel or similar tool to make uploading your files easy and painless
  • E-Commerce capabilities if you're going to need them

I'm going to elaborate on the 24/7 technical support issue. This is a real "Hot Button" for me. If I'm having a problem of any kind with my site, I want to talk with a qualified technical support representative that can help me. And I want to talk to them right now while I'm addressing the problem. I don't want to wait until morning.

Sorry about the rant here but I"ve been down that road and I want to steer you clear of it if I possibly can.

One more thing you may want to consider is finding a hosting company that will give you some free Google and Yahoo Marketing credits to help you promote your new site if you want to.

Well I'm hoping this has been helpful for you. I knew nothing about what to look for when I started online a few years ago. Hopefully my experience will save you a few headaches in choosing the web host that's right for you.