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At an antivirus fire-wall software online shop you will find a number of different types of software to help protect your machine. Most antivirus firewall software packages will range between $30 and $100. A good option to look for in anti-virus firewall software is a security suite. This is a package of protective software that includes antivirus protection, firewall blocking and privacy protection such as antiphishing and antispam controls.

At the very least, you should choose a package from an anti-virus firewall software online shop that includes antivirus protection and fire-wall blocking. Some operating systems have built in firewalls, but many people believe it is better to buy firewall software. A firewall blocks any suspicious traffic from the internet, and can be set by the user to block specific sites. Anti-virus software scans your machine and incoming documents or information for viruses, and deletes them if found. An anti-virus firewall software online shop should provide all the relevant information on each security suite or package, often with user reviews for you to use for comparison purposes.

Many computer experts will recommend that you buy a security suite that provides full protection from viruses, Trojans, phishing attacks and other malware as it is called. Some of the brands of anti-virus firewall software you will find at an online shop include MacAfee, ZoneAlarm, Norton, Kaspersky Labs and avg. Although prices and software varies, check to see if the more expensive ones include multiple licenses, as this allows you to install the anti-virus firewall software on more than one machine.

Before you visit an online shop, check your computer specifications, as this will affect which package you should choose. If you buy an anti-virus fire-wall software program that has higher specification requirements than your machine has, it will either not work, or slow your machine down. Information about technical support may not be available at the anti-virus fire-wall software online shop, but it will be available at the software manufacturer's website.

It is generally believed that within 60 minutes of being on the internet, the average computer with a Microsoft Windows based operating system will be infected by some form of virus or other malware. The only way to protect yourself from these attacks is to purchase a good anti-virus firewall software package. Evaluate the software on offer at online shops. Check the type of protection each package provides, how much technical support is available, and whether the package is suitable for your machine. The advantage of an antivirus firewall software online shop is that product comparisons, reviews and prices are available for you to read through and judge for yourself. Beware of free downloads of antivirus fire-wall software, available at some online shops, as some of them contain viruses used to convince you to buy the upgrade of the software that infected your machine. Rather look for an antivirus fire-wall software online shop that sells reputable, well known software packages that will provide you with legitimate protection.

With increasing use of the internet, the threat of virus attacks on computers has grown many fold. An infection from any source can wreak havoc on your computer. The best way to completely protect your computer from viruses, spyware, trojans and other malware is to shut it down or disconnect it from the internet but realistically this is not practical, therefore you really need to install antivirus firewall software.

Antivirus firewall software is a two in one software application which not only prevents rogue programs from invading the computer but also removes any such program which might have found its way into the computer. Just like a physical firewall prevents computer access from one area to another, firewall software also prevents port access but also blocks malware such as viruses, spyware, adware, trojans etc from invading the computer. The software also removes infections before they can cause too much damage.

Besides virus programs there are other programs which you need to protect your computer from. They include malware which has been created to invade ones computer with the specific task of locating and stealing one's personal information, adware that shows adverts, spyware which is intended to steal data from the computer's hard drive, worms which can replicate themselves and bots which are robotic programs and can run on their own usually at a pre determined time.

Malicious software similar to those mentioned above are fast turning into the most common form of internet crime, furthermore their detection is getting ever more difficult due to their increasingly complex nature.
Firewalls are customizable and can be used to add or remove port access filters depending on various conditions such as IP address, domain names and protocols, ports and specific words and phrases. While Windows comes with its own firewall, it is largely ineffective against major threats. This is the reason why antivirus firewall software becomes so important for keeping your data safe.

There are dozens of different companies where you can buy antivirus. Some of these software applications are sold individually (only antivirus or only firewall software), while some programs combine the two into a comprehensive security package. One thing is for sure, if you want to keep your data and identity safe, an antivirus firewall software application is a must.


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