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Paid Or Free Internet Security Software - The Debate Continues PDF Print E-mail

Comparison of paid and free internet security software is one of the major debate issues among people who have tried and tested antivirus from different brands. Antivirus and antispyware are types of security programs. Even though many people think that paid internet security software can provide them with better security, we can find a large number of people using free security programs on their computer.

Most of the time, we can notice that people find themselves using a paid antivirus because that is the only option left to them as the computer was shipped with a paid antivirus. However, a user may uninstall a paid antivirus and install a free security software on his system. Some of the famous free internet security software are AVG antivirus and antispyware (Free Edition), Comodo Firewall, Avast! Home Edition, etc. Some of the popular paid antivirus are McAfee and Symantec.

Basic virus and spyware scan feature is same in both paid and free software. However, when you compare a paid and a free antivirus you can notice that most features are not available in free antivirus. Here are some of the features that you may not find in a free antivirus: anti rootkit, firewall, anti-spam and free technical support.

Free antivirus and antispyware are usually meant for private use only. The makers of the free antivirus may also provide a paid version as well, for example AVG Antivirus Pro and AVG Internet Security are the paid version whereas AVG Free Edition is a free version from AVG.

Comparison of paid and free internet security software show that if you are looking for an antivirus or antispyware just for the sake of scanning for virus and spyware, you must go for a free antivirus or antispyware. However, if you are looking forward for a technical support from an internet security program, you must go for a paid antivirus or antispyware.

Using the Internet means opening up your computer to a vast world of viruses and other threats to the safety of your information and computing device. This is heightened when you do not have adequate antivirus firewall software protection installed in your computer. A lot of people think that they are safe when they do not share their memory sticks and USB thumb drives with other people for fear of virus contamination. However, not everyone is aware of the sheer amount of stuff that will find its way into your computer by way of the Internet. This is where the antivirus firewall software comes in...and one that should definitely have Internet security protection.

Why Security?

Basically, security is important for the basic reason that you do not want any other person to enter your computer and shuffle through all the important stuff you own. To prevent this from happening, the internet security software add-on was created as a part of your antivirus firewall software. A lot of antivirus firewall software out on the market today have built-in internet security because now everyone can just log on to the internet whenever they want. This is especially true because of wireless communication technology.

Now that you can be connected almost anywhere twenty four hours a day, this increases your chance of being violated by a hacker who has all the opportunities in the world to come and go into your computer as he pleases. The internet security feature is like a guard that monitors all activities that transpire on your computer while it is connected to the internet. It is a very good thing to have your internet security running in the background while you work. This is like having a little manager who tracks everything you do and will report suspicious behavior in real time.

Digging Deep in Internet Security

Most internet security softwares in these modern days are combinations of different security blocks that are independent from one another. You have a collection of anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-spyware, anti-root kits among others. All of these, along with your antivirus firewall software should work well when it comes to protecting the data in your computer. Not only does it deliver protection, it also works actively to seek out any repairs that developers might have made in order to repair the damage done to your computer by existing viruses.

Most of these are transferred to your computer via online transfer... especially if you are active in downloading stuff. Your best bet? Help your internet security by only downloading from trusted sites, and steer clear of sites that are suspicious or have a lot of ads popping up everywhere. Not only are they highly irritating, but they might very well be carrying some sort of viruses that is up to no good at all.

Indeed, technology and web surfing nowadays is completely different ten years ago... you have to be on top of the game when it comes to internet security if you want your files and your computer to be safe. This is why investing in a good antivirus and internet security software is important. You have to remember that developing a healthy habit of scanning your computer and downloading updates are the best measures you can take to protect yourself while online.


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