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In the late 1980's when the Internet was still fairly new and had not reached the global proportions of today, firewall technology began to emerge. Previously routers were used for network security to separate one network from another. However the attitude that the Internet was a small community of users who shared and collaborated and valued openness, came to an end when major internet security breaches occurred.

Firewall technology continued to be developed.

So what is a firewall and what does it do? A firewall is a security device designed to block unauthorized access to your computer system or network while allowing authorized communications. Firewalls can be carried out with either software or hardware or a combination of both. Have you tried free antivirus software for computer or top ten free antivirus software?

Computer users install firewalls to prevent unauthorized internet visitors from accessing private networks connected to the Internet. All messages which come in or leave the intranet pass through this firewall. These messages are carefully inspected and if they fail to meet explicit security criteria, they are blocked.

Several types of firewalls exist - -

  • 1. A proxy server while hiding the true network address, intercepts any messages which are arriving and departing from the network.
  • 2. Application gateways offer security functions for certain applications like Telnet servers and FTP.
  • 3. Packet filtering is reasonably effective as it inspects any packet passing through your network and will reject or accept it according to user defined rules
  • 4. Circuit-level gateway offers protection when a UDP or a TCP connection is established. Once the connection is in place, packets can move steadily between the hosts without the need for further checking.

Nowadays it is possible to obtain a high standard firewall free of charge, and you may wish to complement it with a free antivirus software for computer. Investigate the top ten free antivirus software.

In conclusion, a firewall in other words is a shield placed between a protected network and an unprotected one. Its basic task is to monitor the flow of traffic between networks with different levels of trust. Today's internet phenomenon represents a definite untrustworthy zone for the computer user, hence a firewall of some description is mandatory. Once you have installed it it needs to be kept up to date.

Everyone in the world is connected wherever they are. The computers have become so essential that one cannot think of working without them. There are programs called software which help in the efficient functioning of the computer.

Of late, there seems to be an increase in the problems caused by computer viruses. Viruses are nothing but programs which are harmful to your system and can cause loss of important information and files. Hence it is important to use the antivirus programs which are designed to counter such issues.

These programs are being widely used nowadays. You might feel elated to know that they are very efficient in countering any kind of malware which are very harmful to you.

The antivirus program can find and assault these malicious programs which could cause harm to your computer. There is no need to say how useful these programs are in terms of usage to people and to many businesses around the world.

There have been stories floating around which actually blame the companies selling anti malware programs that they are the ones who create the virus in the first place which would help in selling their products. In fact this business is one of the flourishing businesses in the world.

You can buy these antivirus packages both at online and offline stores because of the increasing companies which sell these and also because of the burgeoning demand for such programs.

When you are buying these programs you should take a look at the features and the functions of the many available programs first. It is advisable to evaluate the programs before you buy them.

The programs for antivirus can be bought from online shops and from off the shelf too. In fact the variety of the programs and the prices could surprise you.


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