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A computer virus is simply a program or program code written like any other software. It contains the same type of binary code written in beneficial computer software. It is called a virus because it replicates itself because it is copied to another program already loaded on your PC. Each virus has a signature, or code that is written in a precise manner which can be recognized as being different than normal programming code that is recognized. A virus can infiltrate your files and infect your whole operating system.

Any virus on your operating system can wreak havoc with your PC. A virus can cause files to become corrupted and unreadable or cause the PC to suddenly crash. It can also cause you to be unable to boot your system up. Any operating system is susceptible to viruses but computers using Microsoft Windows as the operating system is the most common. But that probably is because Microsoft Windows is by far the most common operating system loaded on Personal Computers.

There is no way to be sure how most people receive a virus on their system. Viruses are attached to email quite often and is probably the most common way people receive them because most computers are used to send and receive emails. Downloading files from the Internet are also a very common way to receive a virus. The social sites such as Myspace, Facebook and others are also a possible way to get infected because so many people exchange information and files on these types of sites.

It is possible to get a virus from mediums such as a Diskette or a disc. These types of mediums are usually not exchanged as readily as files over the Internet. However beware any time you are not sure where and from whom these types of data are used.

One of the mediums used to spread viruses and malicious programs is using celebrity news to get you to click a link to access the information and your computer gets infected. All these different ways to get an infection is the reason you need a good antivirus firewall software program on your system.

The best way to protect your PC operating system is to use a good antivirus firewall software program on your PC and keep it updated on a regular basis. All good antivirus programs update themselves regularly to keep you safe. Stay away from those questionable attachments to email and do not try to open any attachments if you are not sure what they are and where they came from.

Computer viruses are like the ones found in the body. They harm your computer and disable it from being fully functional. They impede any work in progress, tasks that need to be done, and transactions that need to be made. Just like human-body viruses, they are fatal and perilous. Their existence and rise have also given birth to antivirus firewall software. They act like the vaccines, medicine, and healing methods that are given to the body to eliminate the viruses present. They enable your computer regain its productivity and subsequently protect it from further harm and damage.

Computer viruses are collectively referred to as malware or malicious ware. The set includes Trojan horses, spyware, adware, boot viruses, program viruses, rootkits and many more. Each varies in the places that it targets and the extent of damage it can cause. The process of removing and recovering from attacks of these viruses also differ. But, one thing is for sure, if you provide your computer with the proper protection, the detection and removal of these menaces would be no sweat. To aid you on this goal, it is important for you to be able to identify the types of antivirus software and how you can maximize its function.

The most common type is the conventional disk scanner antivirus software. It is typically used to scan files, disks, and folders whenever the user wants to perform it. You can set automatic scanning at the date and time that you wish to. This allows detection and elimination of the presence of viruses in unwanted disk, drives, files and folders.

Another type is the memory resident disk scanner. It is placed and allowed to run in the background. This pro-actively helps you to prevent entry of viruses as it scans websites, programs, files that you have recently visited or opened. It acts like a sweeper tracking your recent and current activities and making sure that they are safe and virus-free.

Behavior-based detection disk scanner is the third type of antivirus software. As the name suggests, it detects unusual behaviors and occurrences in your computer. This bars viruses from hiding other viruses and hard drives from being illegally reformatted.

The fourth type would be the start-up scanners. They are automatically run by the computer when it starts to boot. It scans disk boot sectors and critical system files. This type of antivirus software aims to scan and clean off the computer with viruses before the computer boots up.

The last type of anti-virus software is the inoculation disk scanner. This detects the changes and distortions that the viruses do to your computer files, folders, programs and system applications. It constantly checks for unwanted obliteration of any part of your computer.

After knowing such details, it is up to you to choose the proper gadgets that you would need to protect or supplement the protection for your computer. It is hoped that the information you get from this article can help you decide which antivirus firewall software program to use for your computer.


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